Apex D Spa New Delhi

One of the best destinations to rejuvenate your selfAbout Us Apex D Spa endeavors to offer a novel affair. The Spa was established on the logic that the union of present day and customary healing syst 阅读更多

Midas Spa Ubud

Our elegant Day Spa in the heart of Ubud , Bali   Relaxation and wellness no longer beyond your budget. Here at Midas we offer you the best service in charming and cozy atmosphere in central Ubud 阅读更多

Midas Spa & Salon

Our friendly staff looks forward to welcoming you with our own herbal tea made using lemongrass, ginger, lime and honey, followed by an exotic flower foot bath. Our signature spa treatments, including 阅读更多

Amsterdam Massage Center

Amsterdam Massage Center is over 10 years active with a dedicated team of professional massage therapists in the center of Amsterdam. Our well educated and licensed masseurs / therapists are familiar 阅读更多

Royal Thai Massage in Almancil

Royal Thai Massage offers authentic Thai massage at an affordable price in Lagos, Portimão and Almancil. All massage therapists come from Thailand and they are trained in the ancient, tradition 阅读更多


The vision of the practice is that in a healthy body there is a balance between the load (payload) and the load capacity (bearing capacity). A disturbance of this balance can cause physical complaints 阅读更多


Welcome to Anini Raka Resort & Spa~ Traditional Balinese Charm ~Anini Raka Resort & Spa overlooks a picturesque rice field in the heart of Campuhan-Ubud. This serene property is steeped in old 阅读更多

Bali Botanica Spa

An Ayurvedic spa experience for a healthy life – physically and spiritually.A simple yet restoring package for optimal balance of the body, mind and spirit. You will receive two satisfying treat 阅读更多

Inlight Yoga & Massage Studio

We are your professional Yoga & Massage Studio in Lagos. InLight Yoga & Massage studio opened its doors in March 2014 in the old center of Lagos.Besides fantastic daily drop-in Yoga classes of 阅读更多

Jeans Spa Ubud



It all started in 2014...While going to school to get her undergrad in Psychology, Jehna (founder/owner) received a gift that would change her whole life: her first juicer. Working part time at a holi 阅读更多

Royal Thai Massage

  http://royalthaimassage.pt/     Massage     Lagos     00351927653571

"Our brand offers traditional Thai massage which is one of the most ancient healing arts and a curative therapy that works to balance the energy flow of the body and the mind.All our Thai therapists a 阅读更多

Koan Float

Floating: relaxing and healthyFloating is weightlessly relaxing on the surface of very salty water..The special Epsom salts in the heated water are similar in effect to the Dead Sea, where you effortl 阅读更多

Guida Vieira

Having been all my life connected to personal care solutions like gymnastics, alternative health therapies, martial arts and active meditation, a point eventually came where I felt that I had found my 阅读更多


Is your body important? Do you share the opinion that health and happiness go side by side? Is it time for relaxation? and do you want to save travelling time? A physiotherapy or massage con 阅读更多

6 day healing retreat

Retreat center for expansion of the human consciousness in this great times of evolution into the golden age of Mother Earth. We offer 6 day healing retreat for your whole being, in a quiet space wher 阅读更多