WOOD PICTURESDo you need a gift? Each piece is unique!Wood grain and wood color varies which makes every image unique piece.


Imagical makes magical photo manipulations with a fairytale and narrative character. It is an ultimate imagination of historical and religious stories, illustrious myths or dreamy fairy tales. Imagica read_more

JJ Mealha Galeria

Contemporary ceramics,sculpture, murals, paintings and jewellery.All handmade in our studio near LagosCeramica de autor, escultura,pintura e bijuteria. We have lunch  between 13.00-15.00 hours

Galeria Garnett - Exclusive artwork

Paula´s handcrafts are creatd from natural and recycled materials reflecting Portuguese cuture, including houses, paintings, wooden sealife, pebble art, little coastal villages, felt sealife, wo read_more


Mijn collectie is heel gevarieerd.Van kleurrijk tot sober....Grote en kleine afmetingen van de schilderijen.De prijzen variëren tussen € 45,00 en € 875,00afhankelijk van het formaat, he read_more


  A real Aladdin cave with a treasure trove of paintings, ceramic collectibles, glassware, sculptures and decorative items.

CARRE D`Artistes

Carré d’artistes® offers a permanent collection of 500 talented artists in 20 galleries throughout Europe and overseas.Be dazzled by the creativity and variety of selected works. Wand read_more

Brigitte von Humboldt

Brigitte von Humboldt received her degree in Art from the Academy of Arts affiliated by the University of Mainz in Germany. Her work has been exhibited in various European countries and in Brazil. Sin read_more

Helio High Juggler

      Artists     Lagos     00351919908019

The most famous and popular juggler of lagos. You like me and i like you 50 50 No Problem